Q. Why should I apply moisturiser daily?

A. Our skin is subject to different influences every day – it dries out fast after showering and environmental influences place a strain on it. Therefore, it’s important that you moisturise your skin.

Q. How often should I use a hand moisturiser?

A. How often you moisturise your hands with a cream depends on the stresses they receive and your own individual moisturising needs. Simply moisturise your hands regularly to keep them soft and supple.

Q. Can we use body products safely during pregnancy to massage stretch marks?

A. Due to its high amount of caring oils, Firming Body Oil is ideally for massaging the belly during the pregnancy. Furthermore, it provides a soft feeling when massaging stretch marks. It can be used on dry and wet skin after the shower.

Q. Why do hands need a special moisturising product?

A.Our hands are subject to different environmental influences, detergents and washing every day. Since we are constantly in motion, a hand cream should not only moisturise, but also be absorbed quickly.