After certain age our skin starts showing signs of aging.
 These signs include fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation, sagging skin etc.
 All these signs make your skin look extremely dull , old and lifeless.


 Intrinsic aging
Intrinsic aging reflects the genetic background of an individual and results due to passage of time.

 Extrinsic aging
It is due to external factors such as smoking, excessive use of alcohol, poor nutrition, and sun exposure.(80% of facial aging is solely due to sun exposure.)

 Fine lines

 Dynamic wrinkles

 Forehead lines

 Frown lines

 Crows feet

 Bunny lines

 Static wrinkles

 Nasolabial folds

 Marrionette lines

 Static horizontal forehead lines

 Tear trough

 Eye bags

  • Sagging facial and neck skin
  • Age spots and  lack of glow/ dull skin
  • Graying of hair


Facelift is a very popular treatment done for unwanted expression lines.

 Uses :

 Relaxation of muscles causing expressions




 Fillers are made up of substance called Hyaluronic acid which naturally occurs in our body making it nonpermanent and biodegradable and very safe.

 These used to restore volume loss due to the natural process of ageing. They give very natural results.

 The treatment is very effective and gives natural Results which is seen instantly and lasts upto one year.